Friday, 15 May 2009

So close you can smell it...

No, I’m not talking about Dave’s Old Spice. The Coast to Coast is tomorrow! 7DS 5.

It looks like riding a fast time could be tricky…. ‘When the wind is in the East, no good for man nor beast’. That’s what they say in these parts…. Well, the wind is in the east; I’m a man and this is a beast… How often do we get an Easterly…. Grrrrr! The spectre of heavy rain AS WELL loomed for a while but it looks like showers could be the worst of it. To be honest, my only real weather concern is carrying stuff (on top of all the stuff I’m already carrying!). I have a superb super light Deuter hydration pack especially for the ride… but include waterproof pants and gloves and the capacity will be exceeded and a bigger bag may be required….

Anyways, here’s the deal:

* I will set off at 12 noon from St Bees with my back wheel in the sea at the bottom of the landing ramp (it’s a bit twee but people like that type of sh1t).
* I will receive no outside assistance at all
* I can collect water from taps or buy it from shops
* Or drink it from streams…
* I will carry everything I need for the duration, including all food and equipment.
* But if I kill it, I can eat it
* I will scream ‘Have It!’ at all I pass: walker, cyclist, rider, man, woman and child
* I will arrive at RHB some time later…. And ride into the North Sea. Unless it’s miles out. In which case I’ll just order a pint at the Bay Hotel


Here is the link to my web tracker. I’ll be pressing ‘play’ at 12 tomorrow:

Many thanks to Spot and Satmap for ensuring we all get where we want to be quickly and safely. And would you really use any lights other than Exposure on a ride like this....?


Shaggy said...

Well done dude!

Ian said...

Wooha, done and dusted! Though I'm guessing the route wasn't dusty if it was anything like the mendips this weekend... 29 hrs riding is strooooong!


Craig said...

Amazing effort - that is one epic ride ! I was pleased to do it in 4 days a few years back. Chapeau !!!

Rich Rothwell said...

Cheers guys. I had a ball! Full write up to follow as soon as my head starts working!