Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The best laid plans...

From the conception of the one hit Coast to Coast attempt idea, I’ve been exceptionally (blindly?) optimistic. My planning has been meticulous and this has bred confidence. I’ve studied maps, reccied the route, and planned my water stops. I’ve measured, weighed and counted my nutritional requirements and I’ve kitted out my bike with, (what I consider to be) the perfect mix of components for the ride. Oh, and I’ve been training hard and specifically.

Despite this preparation there is one variable that is completely beyond anyone’s control…. The good old British weather! We’ve had a great Spring so far; very little rainfall, gentle winds and dry trails. It was set to get even better; gradually becoming more conducive to the perfect conditions for a fast time. Mid May has been looking ideal for the last month or so.

And then I looked at the BBC website last night…. Words like ‘settled’ ‘calm’ and ‘dry’ had, in the blink of an eye, changed to ‘unsettled’, ‘blustery’ and ‘wet’. Aaaargh! Surely they can’t do this? Are they not regulated or something? Why have a forecast at all?

I’ve had the opinion from the start that a sub 24 hr time may (just) be possible as a result of peak fitness, meticulous planning, luck (big dose of) and last but not least… firm ground! Soft ground could result in a huge ramping up of time. And then there is the possibility of dealing with bad weather on the day… Maybe I will have to rewrite that kit list… revise tyre choice… (Or toughen the **** up and stop panicking I hear you say!)

Or I could just ignore the forecast and carry on with my rosey coloured glasses on… when have the BEEB ever got it right anyway? And why do they always smile?

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