Friday, 2 January 2009

My 2009 Ironhorse Bootleg 3.0

In 2009 I’ll be riding and racing my new Ironhorse Bootleg 3.0. It’s perfect for an endurance racer who leans further towards the trail bike side of the fence. It’s a clean, elegant single pivot design that is light but not fragile; quick from A to B but not compromised in technical situations. The active rear end matches the Reba Race forks perfectly to give a velvety smooth ride.

This is roughly the build I will be running for my big rides next year; a 24 hr attempt at the English Coast to Coast in May, (St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay) and the Adrenalin Solo 24hr World Championships. I will also be riding this bike in some 10 – 12 hour races. It will need to be capable in a variety of situations. The bikes already been ridden on some seriously techy Lakes trails and around the sinuous singletrack of Kirroughtree; handling and balance is spot on.

I’ve pimped the bike up with some tasty personal spec choices. The emphasis has been firmly placed on strength, reliability, and durability to reflect the nature of the rides I’m planning in ’09; it is going to be punishing on bike and body.


Pete said...

Hey Rich, just wondering how the Bootleg performed this year?
I'm looking into getting one for weekend single track with friends and endurance racing. Any problems with the bike?

Rich Rothwell said...

Hi Pete. The Bootleg has been a great bike. It's a very active suspension action (due to the single pivot). Like many single pivots though it's swings and roundabouts; this design does result in some rear end flex. This would be reduced by an overbuilt swingarm (like an Orange 5) but the point of the Bootleg is it is flippin light (you can't have it every way!) and therefore very versatile. For what you have said, this bike would suit you perfectly. The Reba Race forks are superb - they have steered me away from Fox! (Never thought that would happen!). The wheels, whilst not super light, are totally bomb proof - I have some on my hard riding steel hardtail and I've thrashed them in the rocks with no ill effect. The kit is SRAM - that came straight off cos I am a Shimano man! Brakes are very light and powerful, if a little grabby. You can pick one of these up pretty cheap at the moment (1200 / 1500 quid dependant on size). I think that is a good buy and a good enduro racer. You picked up my old blog (I haven't killed it yet!) my new one is if you are interested. Riding for Santa Cruz next year. Happy New Year!

Pete said...

Thanks for the insight!
As you've said the bike sounds pretty much what I am after from your descriptions. Good to hear that the wheels are sturdy as that was one worry I had. Also happy to hear there were no problems with the rear Monarch 4.2 shock. Some friends told me there were some issues earlier in the year (now last year). I'll be sure to keep up with your new blog, Good Luck this year with Santa Cruz!

Rich Rothwell said...

Hi Pete. Ah yes.... the shock. I have had the seals go twice. But I have literally done thousands of hard miles on the bike. Other people I know who use the Monarch have generally found it hassle free, but I have also heard of the odd person having blown seals like me(but I have also heard of people having Fox failures). I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt due to the heavy use and the fact that almost all shocks I have used in the past have failed at some time. The action is very good though.

Pete said...

Hey Rich, yeah I was a bit surprised at first when you didn't mention shock failure but I suppose it's what you have come to expect (as you said, many hard miles). Hope the Winter training isn't treating you too bad!
Thanks again.

Lars Poetsch said...

Hi I'm about to buy a Bootleg 3.0 (1000£ at CRC is a bargain i cant say no to)
and have with great interest been reeding your log - thanks

just one Q: What's up with the bottlemount underneath the downtube, or is it for something else

- Poetsch, Denmark