Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The birth of the Stupid Idea (SI)

From a young age I’ve been afflicted by SIs. Often, as people get older, (and frequently their physical ambitions becomes dulled by too much driving, TV, booze, comfort….) their SIs seem to diminish in frequency and scale. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate; nowadays I’m getting hit by SIs on an increasingly regular basis and, (as a result of 24hr racing?) the size of the SIs is also increasing.

One particular SI has been lurking in the shadows for a couple of years now. Something on the back burner that I might get round to eventually. Until now, I hadn’t considered giving it a serious shot…. But suddenly…


The timing of The Urge has also coincided perfectly with Rob’s 7DSs project and the direction of The Team and it’s this:

The Coast to Coast (the hard core Lakes, Dales, Moors one) in one sitting. Daunting! In under 24 hours? Who knows! Up for it? Damn right!

The planning has started!

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Ian said...

Rich - interesting idea! Do you have a route planned out for this, and will you be releasing it as i.e. a GPS file? I know there are a number of possible variations for the offroad C2C - the 'wheelright' or woodcock one I think changed a bit over the years, and has options in it for bad weather etc; some have tried to go as close to the Wainwright walkers version as is legally possible etc. We did the wheelwright over a week in 1996 as 16 year olds, great fun. I'm planning a 3 or 4 day recce next summer in cyclecamping/sleeping in ditches mode to get GPS logs so we can do it again in 2010 as a mixed ability group with minimal navigational hiccups. Final questions - are you going 'Alpine' (self-supported) style or otherwise for your attempt, and is it solo or with other team extreme members?

Good luck!