Wednesday, 11 February 2009

'Ouch!' and 'Yikes!'

Don’t get me wrong; I’m really enjoying training ‘Properly’, but flippin heck it hurts!

Functional threshold sessions feel more like A Journey Into The Death Zone and sprinting, (of the running variety) is just plain wrong. I know this to be true because the, ‘I’m being squeezed by a 20ft Anaconda’ sensation in my stomach tells me so.

On Thursday nights, I do a turbo session that leaves me struggling to get off the saddle (the contraption sits quietly in the corner for the rest of the week and is starting to develop the persona of a medieval torture appliance. I try not to look at it).

And now the positives!

I recover from these sessions far quicker than I would have imagined (when the hurt is on and I’m drowning in a pool of my own sweat). Pain is temporary blah, blah, blah… I finish feeling like I have REALLY done something. I AM getting stronger. I have the endurance ability so when this is combined with strength development I know I will be a faster endurance rider. Hurrah! Every minute spent on the bike now contributes to this. My weekends are no longer taken up with all day rides, lost on the northern fells…

Which at times I long for! Not to worry, Will is planning some of these rides into my schedule. The heart rate monitor will be left behind and I will be inviting my Partners in Crime to follow me into the unpredictable English countryside. The fish can only deal with so much routine.

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